Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - E Pluribus Unum

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!

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I'm joining in the group above for this weekly challenge.
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Theme ~ E Pluribus Unum

Chosen by me.  :)

First, I apologize for my late posts!  Things have been busy since Danny started back to UIC, with car schedules, train schedules, school schedules, and a host of other issues that have recently cropped up.  I wish I could take more time to work on these posts, but my creative mind is rather shot right now--and it's my own theme, too!  I just sigh and tell myself to everything there is a season...

My header image is the second one below, of a one-mile run held before the Labor Day parade a few days ago in Naperville.  Out of many runners, one race.  I wanted to stay recent with the images I chose, and since I literally just uploaded these, I chose them.  Enjoy the race!
The pace car--er, motorcycle.  :)

My header image.

Friends race--I love that the young girls are running!

Another friend's daughter.

That's it for this week!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Boundless energy, plus they're light as a feather... I'm surprised I don't see more kids running the mile.

  2. It seems as if time is a race for you as well Christine, great match for your theme my friend. sounds exciting.

  3. Delightful! Nice to see the smiling runners and great action shots!