Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Strings

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!

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I'm joining in the group above for this weekly challenge.
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Theme ~ Strings

Chosen by Kathy.

Below is the full image of my header--look at all those strings!

Detail of harp strings.

I almost went for the literal interpretation, which would be the below image.

But, I went with the musical connotation of strings.  Here are two harpists playing their strings.

The violin is also a beautiful stringed instrument.

When you combine certain strings, you get a bluegrass band!

This is the Atkinson family bluegrass band.  I blogged about them after a summer trip to my beloved Lake Bonaparte.

You have to dance to this music, or at least tap your toe.  If you're not moving while this music plays, you're pretty much dead.  ;)

Dancin' to bluegrass.

From the Atkinson's in New York I take you to the Winton family from California!  This family came to a church near us, and we went at a friend's invitation.

The above is one of the two brothers; when he was 16, he was the champion banjo picker for the whole state of California.  Needless to say, their music was phenomenal.

He also plays the dobro, below.

On to the guitar!  This young man is Andy Kenway, and you can listen to many of his own songs at this link.  He has a great passion for music, learning the guitar in a mere three weeks.

He also plays the mandolin, one of my favorite bluegrass instruments.

His brother Dan is no slacker when it comes to music.  Below, Dan plays his hand-made fiddle.

When Andy and Dan and a few of their musical friends get together, children tend to get up and dance.  See?

Dancin' in my living room!

These young men are very personable, too!  Below, Dan's and Andy's friend Dale helps Elijah play his violin.  They're all pretty special.

I hope you've "strung" together some great images of strings!  Can't wait to visit you all to see!!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Music to my Ears Christine, lovely show and photos of musical STRINGS

  2. A truly wonderful collection of String picture.... I do like the black and white shots... and a great image for your header.

  3. You got the grandma of stringed instruments! Great collection of musicians in action.

  4. Wowser, that header is a great shot!

  5. Very nice Christine, what a great grouping of strings.