Monday, October 31, 2011

365 Project -- #295-301

This is the time in my week when I look back at the images I've captured
throughout the previous week, and choose my seven favorites.
These seven--one for each day of the week--are featured below.

October 22 - October 28

I actually couldn't decide which images to post in today's post...  I had a fantastic photo shoot over the weekend, with a beautiful and fun family who all love the Lord.  The boys were talkative and fun, and the girls stole my heart with smiles, talking, and plain cuteness!  I finished the photo shoot at their house, so that involved some shots in the woods plus a trampoline (maybe I'll post those next week!).  I also carved out an hour for a quick nature walk just minutes from home, so I had all those shots, too.  What to post?  Read on!

Just one image from my photo shoot, because I want to save the best ones for their own post.  I've mentioned the Naperville Riverwalk in a previous post or two, and that is where I shot the below.

[295] Off they go

At the end of our shoot, we found ourselves at the old rock quarry overlooking the Naperville Municipal Center and downtown beyond.  The sun was in that perfect spot, and its golden hour rays cast beautiful light onto the scene.  With no wind, everything reflected beautifully on the surface of the quarry water.  Below is the image I got.  Even though the Municipal Building is not the prettiest, the colors and reflections were amazing, and I love the sun lighting up Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in the distance.

[296] Quarry reflections

On to my nature walk.  I wanted to hold on to the peace and tranquility that the Lord showed me during my trip to upstate New York, so I was determined last week to hop in the car and find a nature trail somewhere.  Just a few miles from my home, I found myself in a little parking lot with a really short U-shaped trail through the woods.  I figured I could fast-walk it in five minutes, so I took Ellie, her kit lens, and her macro lens, and headed out on a slow amble.  Here is a tiny sampling of what I ran across (more in a future post!).

[297] Autumn berries

[298] Oak leaf on moss

I stopped about halfway along the trail, and turned back to snap a few shots.  I then turned forward, took two steps, and found myself staring at what I thought was a statue.  For about two seconds, my mind thought that this was part of the "educational aspect" of this trail--after all, there were placards, complete wth descriptions and explanations, all along the path.  But then his ear twitched, and I knew he was real!  (Silly, I know, but I wasn't expecting to see a deer on the path!)

[299] Standing watch

Initially, I had my kit lens on, and the young buck let me shoot a few shots.  But I couldn't get in as closely as I wanted, so when he went back to munching, I stooped down and switched to my macro.  The above image was shot with my macro.  After just a few minutes, I heard a noise off to my left.  I turned and saw the young buck's female "companion" peeking at me over some brush, and probably wondering what I was doing with her boyfriend.  :)

[300] Young buck's companion

These weeds were growing right at the end of the trail.  Super bright sunshine ensured I could set a higher f-stop and get a lot more depth of field.  I played with black and white in post-editing, and ended up with the below.  Aren't weeds fun?

[301] Black and white weeds

I have determined that I need a nature walk at least once a week.  Now to figure out how to actually get one in!  I hope your week was filled with goodness and fun surprises, too!

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  1. I love all the photos, but the Naperville Riverwalk is my favorite. We use to live in Illinois, and seeing that bridge again has brought back such fond memories. Thanks. :)

  2. Again you got some great shots - love the family one and the deer!