Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Sightings -- Brothers

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I'm sorry I don't have "I spotted this while out..." photos!  I'm simply sharing from my collection.  I do have images on my camera that I need to download--maybe today if I can grab a few minutes while preparing for guests this evening!  Anyway, even though the below photo is from a photo session, they are my sons, and I feel that this photo embodies who they are as a twosome.

Joseph, the older brother (bottom left), is autistic.  Jacob has always had Joseph with him, and has become his guardian and protector.  They love each other.  Thanks for letting me share this today!

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  1. What beautiful photo, Christine. Very precious. Thanks for sharing. I'm so touched to see your handsome sons together. What sweet sons you have I can sense their gentleness by the way they look. I can tell how close they are, too. I'm so blessed to hear how Jacob loves his brother and care for him. God bless his heart for being his brother's protector.

    God bless your beautiful family.

  2. Christine, I LOVE this photo...and I love these 2 sons of yours, too! (I love all 4 of them, you know!)

    And since this comment is such a little love-fest, I love you, too, my dear friend!!! :-D

    Blessings and {{{HUGS}}},