Monday, August 23, 2010

The Oswegatchie

Oswegatchie:  An Iroquois word meaning "going or coming around a hill."  I supposed this river is aptly named, as it meanders through upstate New York in three branches.  Two of its branches merge near Harrisville, New York.  That is where this particular park is located, and where we shared lunch with Dad & Mom.  Even though I'd been having trouble with my camera, I was able to capture several scenic shots.

This clover bloomed in the grass beside the river.

Blooming along the river.

Red flower blooming.

Along the Oswegatchie.

These flowers happily bloomed on this rock in the middle of the river.

Bubbling on downstream.

I closed the aperture down (F22) for this softly flowing shot.

The waters of the Oswegatchie appear rusty, but rust is not the issue.  The water is tannin-stained, which gives it that brownish look.  The water of many of the rivers we've visited up in this neck of the woods have the same rust-colored look.

Trees make a pretty frame.  I love this photo.  :)

I hope you enjoyed your tour of this little section of the Oswegatchie!

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